IT’s in you

We Sweat to Change the world


Sweat With Pride this all Summer long!

Swag that looks good in every Color

Sweat your truth out!

Pride Swag

Sweat out Loud!

Be Proud of the way you Sweat!



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The Sweat Party is a dynamic lifestyle brand on a mission to shatter the conventions of the traditional fitness regimen through music, pop culture and community. With its birth in the infamous NYC nightlife scene, the Sweat party became THE go-to event each season for club goers to ditch the 6 inch heels for a pair oh high tops, swap out the skinny jeans for some gray sweat pants and just dance, leaving drenched in sweat. Featuring the hottest DJ’s spinning the freshest tracks and themed events encompassing fashion, art and interactive media, Sweat has quickly evolved from being a dance party to becoming a wellness movement.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee