Sweat Jris our fitness initiative designed for a younger audience from the ages of 4 to 18. Based in NYC, we are overly aware of the need for better physical education systems for our kids, understanding that childhood obesity is at an all time high, it is imperative for us to contribute to their lifestyle changes throughout these developmental years. Contracted by schools and community organizations, Sweat Jr. Programs are tailored to each groups needs, encouraging kids to find the fun in fitness within a safe, educational, team based setting.

Our Sweat Jr. programs are individually mapped out according to the time frame and contract we are given, and are often comprised of numerous sessions and spanning from 2 weeks to a few months (school semester). Each Sweat Jr. session typically consists of 3 key components fitness, dance and stretching all done to a live DJ. Our kids are usually broken down into 4 teams and each team must work together by active participation and camaraderie in order to gain points and make it to the finals in the closing weeks. This incentive based program creates a competitive yet fun atmosphere, which pushes the participants to reach their potential and make cognitive choices as a unit. All while breaking a sweat – which we know is good for everyone! 

Prefer a Sweat Party? Our team also offers themed workshops or parties for your school, organization or special occasions (a Sweat birthday party sounds pretty awesome!), complete with lighting, DJ/sound, decor and prizes!

What makes Sweat Jr. different from other children’s fitness programs?

Sweat Jr. prides itself on its ability to adapt and suit all needs. We aren’t an ABC, 1,2,3, cookie cutter program, we enjoy creating unique class themes based around pop culture, things they are familiar with and like, with classes changing constantly in order to keep their attention. Having a live DJ definitely puts a spin on things (no pun intended), so our certified instructors have them moving to clean versions of all the top 40 hits they love, it helps them forget they’re working out and realize how fun it can be. In addition to our exciting fitness classes, we suggest incremental nutrition changes to their diets and show them the importance of a healthier lifestyle by exposing them to different ways to prepare foods and how to balance their meals. We encourage parents to participate in these changes as it not only acts as a good example but also fosters a strong family setting in and out of home.

Want to bring Sweat Jr. to your school or organization?

We look forward to working with more and more youth organizations and schools worldwide! For more information, quotes or programs, please contact: jac@thesweatparty.com